World Islamic Call Society- Faculty of Islamic Call

World Islamic Call Society- Faculty of Islamic Call

Located in Libya


The College of Islamic Call was established in 1974 according to Law No. 78 dated 2/11/1974 AD, it is an Islamic institution affiliated with the World Islamic Call Society, based in Tripoli / Libya, and it has five branches in countries in the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe: (Lebanon, Benin, Senegal, Chad, and Britain). The College has taken upon itself to spread Islamic culture, uncover the treasures of Islamic civilization, and conduct research and studies in the Arabic language and Islamic and educational studies, and relies in its Islamic curricula on seeking the truth as stated in Quran and Sunnah away from extremism and exaggeration. Clearly in the culture of its students and their moderate behavior after graduation, which led to their appointment in important official positions in the role of Ifta and universities of their countries.

Country Libya
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Active Scholarships

Scholarship Title Major Field Category End Date
Libyan Government Scholarships-Faculty of Islamic Call Scholarship Programme in different fields of study All Categories; Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral 2021-03-31