OIC Scholarship Scheme

by Islamic University of Technology (IUT)

End Date: 2022-03-15

Scholarship Description

The Islamic University of Technology (IUT), a subsidiary organ of the OIC, has announced scholarships for eligible students from the OIC Member States for the academic year 2022. The details of the programmes in the attached file. The full scholarship scheme covers tuition fee, board and lodging, healthcare and monthly pocket allowance of US$55 to all regular students. Further details on the scholarships, eligibility of applicants, entry requirements and selection criteria, can be obtained from the website: https://admission.iutoic-dhaka.edu/international_students.

Category Bachelor and Master Degrees
Major Field Renewable Energy Engineering
Country Bangladesh
Link URL https://admission.iutoic-dhaka.edu/international_students.
Attachment scholarships/attachments/IUT_Scholarshipp-_2022.pdf